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We deliver passionate and honest IT support and consulting services for both small and medium-sized companies.

About us

We help and disperse technical knowledge while meeting the individual user’s need for security, active presence and being understood when it comes to IT – and this will ensure you the best possible experience of support and consulting.

We are a team of fiery souls who are passionate about IT and we are driven by a high level of both service and professionalism. Therefore, we can safely guarantee you enthusiasm, commitment and a high level of expertise when you put our services to use.

Our vision

By providing quality-focused and transparent IT-support for fixed prices, we will be a credible and trustworthy IT-partner for you and your company.

We love helping others and we take pride in delivering seamless and consistent IT-support.
That is why we have created a product dedicated to small and medium-sized companies seeking passionate and personalized IT-support with well-documented know-how, sometimes by activating our off-site, professional consultants.

Our cost-effective concept will give you peace of mind and unlimited IT-support. This ensures transparency in relation to the costs associated with IT and also provides your company with the help that it needs.

Meet the team

Alex Ø. T. Hansen



“I am very good at adapting to the individual customer’s work environment, whether it is informal or very serious. One of my strengths is that I quickly understand complex issues and familiarize myself with new areas, including learning and adapting to new technologies.”


Client Management

“Customer needs always come first! Everything can be analyzed in boxes and processes, and that is my strength. Therefore, it comes naturally to me to optimize many of the customer’s processes by hand. It benefits the workplace and the individual employee so that you can focus on your business.”

Rasmus Baunsgaard Michelsen



“In general, I have a very good overview, so it comes naturally to me to put work tasks in a system with proper documentation. My ability to pass on technical information is good, and that benefits the customer in the end.”

Our certifications

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Zwable ApS
Jægersborgvej 128, kl.
DK-2820 Gentofte
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We are at the office monday to friday from 8am to 5pm. Our emergancy phone is open 24 hours 365 days a year.

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